Nougat / Dobby

Here goes the story of Dobby, a free dog.

My boyfriend and I wanted to adopt a dog that the other people didn’t want. We could see, that puppies would find families much faster than older dogs, and therefore we were checking for 2 to 5 yo dogs. We had some of them in the list and we couldn’t decide. It felt cruel to choose one and left the others in the shelter, not knowing if someone else would ever adopt them. Then Dior sent me Dobbys (previously Nougat) pictures, which were not shared on the group at that moment. And I saw those eyes, and I fall in love. My boyfriend loved Dobby too, so it was a closed deal. Dobby was 4,5 yo at that time.
When Dobby arrived at Kastrup, on the 8th of October 2019, he was super confused and scared, he didn’t want to eat or drink, and for the first days he didn’t accept treats, only dry food. He slowly started behaving like a normal dog, but in the following months he run away twice, both of them when he was sitted by family, and it broke our hearts. Luckily, he had known his way around streets and he had known how to survive on the run. We, instead, understood that the scars that our dog had were deeper than many other dogs adopted on NHD, and we are trying our best everyday to heal those scars. Now Dobby looks happy, and our heart is full of joy (but he is NEVER EVER without a leash). He is spoiled with treats and toys and long walks, he traveled with us to Germany, Bornholm, and various beautiful places in DK.
He is super sweet, very tidy, and we couldn’t ask for a better dog ❤

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